“The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing”
– Socrates

Growing up in a tiny rural town that you’d miss if you took the wrong turn on the road to nowhere, moving to Rockhampton has been a huge (beneficial) change. Currently studying a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Arts, my majors are writing, management and history.

Many of my hobbies are those of the modern young adult; not being able to afford a house due to over-consumption of avocado and coffee, failing to contribute anything meaningful to society, keeping up with as well as tagging people in the latest memes and feeling uncomfortable when my phone is more than arms reach away. Additionally I enjoy reading, playing the guitar (badly), computer gaming and camping.

Overall my current goals are essentially broadening my horizons so hopefully one day when I’m less indecisive about what career path I’d like to follow, I have the means to get into the field that I want.

I’m a fan of art, manga, fantasy and science fiction, photography and animals. Some of the pictures below should reflect that.




“There is nothing permanent except change.”

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